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Calculate the average daily kWh hour output in your area, based on a well installed solar system in a suitable position (e.g No overshadowing).

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Quality solar products and quality solar designs and installations ensure long term environmental and economic benefits.

Our Commitment

Every client has specific needs and no two clients are identical, we design systems to meet your needs and give truthful advice on the benefits of solar.

Over the years, the Australian market has seen many solar companies come and go, and many solar manufacturers come and go as well.

We believe that this you install quality products and give exceptional service then the client will see the benefits for years to come with minimal warranty issues and a company that’s willing to follow up and assist with any question and or issues that arise in the future. Including offering free advice on panel cleaning and panel maintenance through to additional requirements like Solar battery upgrades.

In summing up you could say if looking at installing solar we use a couple of mottos. “Do it once and do it right” and with the solar products “Prevention if better than cure”. Installing quality avoids a lot of other issues that may have arisen by not doing so.

We offer the best service possible and pride ourselves on this but we still understand that even if you offer the best quality service in the market if we installed products that were not up to standard and had to replace lets say an inverter each 2 years and accomplished this with no fuss in a timely manner , you would still be happier to never have to see our company unless you wish to and have a system that is much less likely to fault.


  • Please have a look at your average annual consumption number in kWh which you wrote down from the previous page. Increase the system size in the calculator above to see how big your system would need to be to create an annual amount of kWh solar energy similar to or bigger to the amount of kWh you consume. Write down how big your solar system would need to be in kW.

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Disclaimer: These output calculations use sunlight data supplied by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology from most Australian weather stations from 1990 to now – as an average. The output calculations are estimates only. The calculations allow for a 14% loss of the sunlight for inverter and cable loss, slight dust on the panels and for the fact that panels will not always be pointing True North. If panels point straight West or East, are tilted to low or to high, a further reduction in output of up to 15% can occur. For site specific rather than general solar system outputs please request a site inspection and discuss the matter with your LG solar dealer.

Please note these calculators are a guide only and please verify the information obtained through these calculators independently. In compiling these calculators LG Electronics Australia (LG) has utilised available data from the Clean Energy Council and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. LG has used its best endeavours to ensure that the supplied calculations and information are correct, but LG takes no responsibility for any error or defect therein. LG shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use or reliance of any data supplied by these calculators.

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