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We suggest the following tips when you decide to buy a solar system:

  • 1. Ask your friends and family who have a system. Check within your friends or family circle and find out if any known person has had solar systems installed. Talk to them about their experience and if they have derived any benefit from it.
  • 2. Undertake research on companies and solar systems available in the market. Get a view of the different brands, quality, companies and price currently in the marketplace. Go with quality as the return on investment will be much better than with a cheap install and system.
  • 3. Do not get swayed by things like ”This panel won the Moscow solar efficiency award in 2010” Most important is that company and manufacturers of the product in your system will be there to support you in years to come . Ask yourself: What research and development has gone into your solar product? What is the local commitment and record of the installation company? What is the capability of all parties involved in giving a meaningful long-term warranty? Solar Products from companies like LG or other large, diversified manufacturers are tried and tested and offer a peace of mind support.
  • 4. Check your roof space: On an average a 1.040kW system using 4 of the 260W LG panels will require approx. 6.5m2 of roof space. For example a 3,120kW solar system will require therefore approx. 18m2 of roof space, exposed for prolonged periods to the sun. You can calculate the maximum potential of your North / North East & North West facing roofs via our calculator tools. We suggest you contact your local LG installer to conduct a site inspection to have the calculator estimates verified.
  • 5. Price expectations: Price and quality traditionally go hand in hand. If you are paying less for a similar size system quoted by other companies you will most likely find less lasting equipment and/or maybe some cut corners in the installation work. A price comparison should be done between similar or same brands to get a realistic price estimate. Remember that you will invest in a solar system which you want to have a life of 25 years or more. A few dollars saved today can cost you much more in the future. Remember the saying: Buy cheap, pay twice.

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