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Solar Charge

Solar Charge has been selling and installing Solar Power systems in Victoria since 1972. Started as a small company in Brighton, we grew through the 1970s and 80s to become one of the leading specialists in Australia. We have been installing Grid Connected solar power systems on homes and businesses around Melbourne since the late 1990’s.

The current Managing Director Dr. Richard Potter joined the company in 1994 and together with Peter Israel, purchased the business from the retiring owner in 2001. Known for their expertise in battery based systems throughout Victoria, Solar Charge has always been at the forefront of solar power developments. Richard has served many years on the Australian Standards development committees for the industry and gives numerous presentations to community groups to educate and inform. Solar Charge led the way in 1998 by installing their first Grid Connected system in Brighton, a real landmark in Australian solar power, well before others entered the market and politicians learnt to spell the word “sustainability”.

Solar Charge specialises in Design and Installation of quality solar power systems in Metro Melbourne and throughout rural Victoria. They provide realistic solutions, matched to the customer’s requirements.

They are now combining their 40 years experience with battery systems with their 15 years of Grid installations by providing battery options/ UPS systems which provide ultimate flexibility in offsetting peak Electricity Tariffs. These customers look to use their battery reserve during the peak tariff and then recharge using solar and off peak electricity. This delivers customers the best protection against future rising electricity prices.

Solar Charge uses hand-picked Electrical Contractor Installation teams that have been installing thousands of systems for the company for many years. Quality and back up service are second to none.

Commercial properties and Businesses are also taking advantage of the quality and experience Solar Charge brings to mid-sized projects. Installations on factory and business roofs are proving a real savings investment. Solar Charge provides a no obligation, free quote to see what utilising solar can do to reduce running costs.

Our systems typically vary from 2 to 20kW depending on the customer needs. Here are just a few examples of system arrays from homes, schools, shopping centers and commercial premises. Battery based systems in both rural and suburban homes are a specialty.

Feel free to visit our website at Solar Charge to find out more about us and our experience in the solar field. We provide our services across metro Melbourne and throughout rural Victoria.


Company Detail

  • Company Name: Solar Charge
  • Electrical Contractors: Yes
  • Accredited Installer: Yes
  • Membership Clean Energy Council: Yes
  • Trading since: 1972
  • Company Size: medium


Location Contact
5/ 810-818 Princes Hwy
Springvale, Melbourne, VIC, 3171
Phone: (03) 9574 2884
Fax: (03) 9544 0097
Melbourne, VIC, 3000


Channel 7 / Seven Network is committed to reducing our carbon emissions. One of our recent initiatives has seen us install the first of what we hope will be a series of Grid Connected Solar panel installations.

Solar PV installation at Channel 7/ Seven network, Victoria

We chose Melbourne based Solar Charge due to their long established reputation and quick response to our call. They delivered as promised.

Peter Carter, Channel 7 / Seven Network

Our experience with Solar Charge has been more than satisfying. They have proven to be highly competent, prompt and ethical. The most important thing is that we received the correct advice and this resulted in the optimum installation for our needs.

We have a 1kW system and I am pleasantly surprised how much of our power needs it supplies in summer. Our Sunny Beam device also allows us to monitor the power generated from inside the house helping us to maximise the benefits of the panels. I would recommend Solar Charge highly. 

Chris Peters, Eltham, Victoria

Liz and I installed a grid connect system from Solar Charge P/L for our new environmentally friendly house almost four years ago. We have been delighted with our solar electricity system. It does what Solar Charge promised. Our usage bills on the house are almost zero over the year and we look forward to the Victorian feed-in-tariff giving us more credits in the future. It was comforting to work with a company that has been in the solar industry for so long.

Solar installation at Mildura

Jim Bussau, Mildura, Victoria

This is just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with the service provided by your company. My 12 panel system was installed a few days ago following very detailed research and investigation by myself as I was only going to make this investment on the basis of the best and most comprehensive information I could obtain.

There are numerous companies now operating in the market and I was able to obtain a surprisingly wide range of quotes for what I wanted. Having a background in large scale complex government procurement, I applied the same principles I used professionally in multi-million dollar purchases to make my decision. In the end I came to the conclusion that, while involving a higher initial cost than other quotes, the offer from your company represented the best value for money available to me.

Apart from the quality of the system, factors that influenced my decision included the patience you personally showed to my continual questions and requests for information, the comprehensiveness and candour of your responses, the absence of any “hard sell” approach to your interaction with me, and the obvious deep commitment to the environmental issues underlying solar power displayed by you and your company, which contrasts with what seemed to be the main motivation of a number of your competitors. We haven’t had much sun in the days since it was installed but the system is working just as you said it would and I have seen my meter running backwards a few times which is psychologically most satisfying.

It is clear to me that government initiatives in this field have generated a collateral effect of franchised businesses which I found less than satisfactory to deal with. I believe there are many risks for people investing in grid connected solar power systems for their homes. In this context I would be very happy to recommend your services to other potential customers, and to be used as a reference.

Geoff McInnes, Wheelers Hill, Victoria

Service Region

Location Name Service Region
Metro Melbourne Oakleigh South 50km
Rural Victoria Oakleigh South 150km

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