RJAY Electrical Services

RJAY Electrical Services

RJAY Electrical Services has been operating for the past 25 years and have been directly involved in the solar industry for most of these years. RJAY electrical employs staff across 3 locations – Our staff are highly trained, licensed electricians with qualifications including both grid connect and stand alone solar installation accreditation and many other industry based qualifications

We deliver projects across Queensland, and have completed large scale installations in many key regional centers along with countless homes and businesses in the south east Queensland.

We operate from 2 Key locations – Administration and general electrical office, and Solar office and warehouse. At the Solar Office you can see over 250 panels in a working solar system or make an appointment to see our 300+ panel testing facility at Rocklea.

In a commitment to providing the best installation services, RJAY Electrical Services invests in regular professional development for its staff with ongoing training of apprentices and re-skilling of qualified technicians to deliver to you, our customers, the best possible workforce for your home or business.

Current members of the Clean Energy council, Master Electricians Association of Australia, Electrical communication Association our level of workmanship and ongoing service to our clients is crucial in maintaining the excellent history of RJAY electrical services.

We know solar can be a daunting purchase – so we make it easier by giving you the right information – you can come and see us – check out our working systems for yourself – or we can come to you and work it all out in the comfort of your own home.

We have completed numerous large scale projects for corporate and private entities ranging from 20kW - 200kW. We are also proud to have installed thousands of solar panels right across Queensland, helping homes and families manage their electricity bills now and into the future.

It is with this experience that we can guarantee you years of trouble free solar generation.

You can come and see us at our office or visit our website at RJAY Electrical Services for more information. RJAY Electrical Services is a large electrical contracting company providing a vast variety of electrical contracting services. Amongst working with QLD’s largest building companies RJAY Electrical specialisein the installation of premium solar PV systems – Grid-Connected, Stand Alone, and large scale projects.

Some of our significant projects include:

    After installing several systems for the use of the business it was decided for the final installation – RJAY Electrical services would develop a solar panel testing facility. Going live with real time online monitoring late in 2014 we compare 6 leading panel brands side by side in real conditions on a warehouse roof in Queensland. The data collected so far has allowed us to better design our systems for peak efficiency and really demonstrates the true performance and capabilities of the LG equipment – Leading the pack with the MONO-X NeON.
  2. Brisbane Collision Centre, Sherwood Rd, Rocklea
    Operating at this address on a long term lease – Brisbane collission centre uses solar power during the day to offset their electricity usage. The solar system on their roof provides the majority of the electricity required for powering their tools, workshop, lighting, spray booths and more – This has reduced the ongoing costs for the business significantly and allowed them spend this extra cash flow on growing their business. System/s Installed – 1x 30kw on main Workshop, 1 x 20kw on secondary workshop. These systems generate nearly 100 MWH of clean green energy each and every year.

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  • Company Name: RJAY Electrical Services
  • Electrical Contractors: Yes
  • Accredited Installer: Yes
  • Membership Clean Energy Council: Yes
  • Trading since: 1987
  • Company Size: medium


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Servicing the Sumner Park and the Brisbane Regions

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