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Take control of your energy needs

SolarHub has helped over 6000 customers reduce their power bills and their reliance on traditional forms of energy. We believe in helping you generate your own energy, to store that energy so you can use it when you need most and to assist you optimize how your energy is used in your home or business. We believe in helping you make a positive environmental impact and want you to reap the financial benefits of taking charge of your own energy needs.

Tailored solutions using the latest in smart home technology

Energy systems are getting smarter and SolarHub is at the leading edge of technology innovation for solar, energy storage, hot water, energy optimization and smart home products. From the first time you make an enquiry, to customising the perfect solution for your needs, through to installation and energy monitoring, SolarHub is there to support you through your energy transition. We look at the bigger picture and work with you to develop a long-term vision that will increase your self-sufficiency and reduce your dependence on electricity grid and energy retailers.

Our own highly qualified installers

When you purchase a solar or energy storage system from SolarHub we take care of the entire system installation from start to finish, using our own engineers, installers and technical support staff. This differentiates us from most of our competitors, who often sub-contract the installation to third-parties, meaning you as the end customer are shuffled between companies at different parts of the process.
By taking control of the entire process we can ensure the highest level of quality and in the rare event there are issues post-installation we can send our own engineers out to promptly investigate and fix the issue. It’s this level of support that makes us one of the leaders in the solar and energy storage industry and we have a long list of happy customers to prove it.

Solarhub- Canberra

Tried and tested products that go the distance

With so many options to choose from it can be difficult to determine which products to select for your installation. At SolarHub we have spent considerable time researching and testing projects and our background as a broker in the industry as taught us a lot about which manufactures to trust and which products work best in different situations.

Raising the bar as a CEC Approved Retailer

In 2015 SolarHub joined an exclusive club of solar retailers across the country by being accredited by the Clean Energy Council as an approved solar retailer. The CEC accreditation sets a high bar for the solar industry by enforcing a strict code of conduct, which protects you as the consumer from unscrupulous operators and poor quality installations. SolarHub prides itself on the quality of the information and advice we give to our customers and this quotation is a testament to the investment SolarHub has made in providing you with clear and comprehensive advice.

If you are looking for a company that can provide you with a complete package for your home, then please contact SolarHub today or visit our website at

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  • Company Name: SolarHub
  • Electrical Contractors: Yes
  • Accredited Installer: Yes
  • Membership Clean Energy Council: Yes
  • Trading since: 2010
  • Company Size: medium


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