Euan Angus Solar

Euan Angus Solar

Euan Angus has been designing and installing solar energy systems since 2007 and in this time established a reputation for high quality and system design. We focus on customer service and design/installation of quality solar power systems; all PV systems are custom-designed for each installation site. In our systems ALL components are from manufacturers with a reputation for high quality equipment.

We deal in LG Solar Modules, Fronius, SMA, Power One inverters, genuine European cabling/accessories and switchgear.  We also design and install evacuated tube solar hot water systems. Our installation region is approximately 50 km in Metropolitan Melbourne and around 70 km in Regional Victoria locations from Doncaster.

We have a high level of technical expertise.  Euan is accredited by the Clean Energy Council for Grid Connect PV Design and is also certified to provide Solmetric shade analysis assessment.  We are members of the Australian Solar Council, Solar Citizens and the Alternative Technology Association.

Euan Angus Solar provides free, no-obligation site assessment with every quotation provided. Site assessment includes advice on potential energy savings and energy management for long term benefits. 

Today we have over 500 satisfied customers in our customer database. We focus on genuine personal service and individual advice. Fell free to call us or visit our website Euan Angus Solar.

Some of our major installations include:

  1. Tip Top Butchers factory site, 200 kW, one of the largest commercial roof top solar systems in Melbourne. This installations was technically challenging due to undulating roof surface. All solar array footings had to be height-referenced with laser leveling equipment to ensure even solar array layout.  We also conducted a comprehensive feasibility and engineering study and provided extensive calculations in regards to Returns on Investment (ROI).
  2. Wonthaggi Motel: designed and installed an array of solar hot water collectors and electric-boosted solar storage tanks, plus modifications to the existing hot water system. The business has seen 50% reduction in energy usage.
  3. Morey Wickham Accountants (Camberwell): installed 10.0 kWp onto an assymetrical roof area. The site was assessed using solar analysis. The actual first year energy production is now within 1% of predicted energy yield. 

    LG solar panels are of high quality

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  • Company Name: Euan Angus Solar
  • Electrical Contractors: Yes
  • Accredited Installer: Yes
  • Membership Clean Energy Council: No
  • Trading since: 2007
  • Company Size: medium


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