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Can I see a sample of a cheap system quality issue?

In a cheap system all components are purchased at the lowest possible price including warning labels and accessories. Here is a sample of a cheap system warning labels after 1 year of installation. In sample 1 the label has been under the verandah in full shade near the switchboard and still looks similar to when it was installed.

In sample 2 the label is on the 1st inverter and is exposed to the sun for a few hours a day. You will notice a clear case of fading. In sample 3 the label is on the 2nd inverter and is in the sun for many hours a day and has completely faded after 1 year.

Firstly the inverter is installed in full sun, which has the potential to reduce the lifespan of the inverter and also the faded label now presents a safety risk. Ask yourself : How will this solar system look and work in 5,10, 20 and 25 years. I do not like its chances. With poor quality cheaper systems it's all about giving the appearance of a quality buy, but you will be let down.

Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3

Fading of the warning label after first year