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What if there is a problem with the solar power system?

modern solar inverters

Like any product or a system, the solar system can develop a defect. The defect can come in the inverter, panel or the electrical installation. Traditionally nearly 80% of system failures or automatic shut downs are related to inverter issues. That's why we recommend to pair our quality LG panels with a high quality, top of the range inverters.

There are safeguards built into the inverters and electrical systems. If you feel that the system is not performing well or has stopped working, you should get in touch with your original installer or call a certified solar tradesman to inspect the system. Do not attempt to fix the system yourself by turning switches and buttons on and off. If the solar power system has shut down a serious defect could have occurred. You are dealing with high voltage electricity, a field safely left to the experts. Call your local solar dealer.

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