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Are LG Solar panels designed for durability and long-life?

Our solar modules are made with slim and durable glass, designed to be light in weight while also being able to withstand heavy loads up to 6000 Pa front load. LG`s rear load rating of 5400 Pa means our panels are able to withstand winds up to 345km/hr. (Cyclone Katrina that devastated New Orleans was 270km/hr) . 

The module frame colour is an attractive black and is anodized to increase durability and minimize damage from rain and salty sea wind over time. LG panels are warrantied for 12 years against salt mist corrosion right down to the waterline. 

LG panels have many design advantages built in. Please have a look at this video for further details.

The video shows the testing of old models where the load resistance was 5400 Pa front and rear. The new models have a 6000 Pa front load and 5400 Pa rear load.

LG Solar panels are durable, representing premium qualit

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