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Can a Solar PV system be installed on the ground?

Solar panels can be installed on the ground, ideally in a position where panels will be clear from any shading. There are additional costs involved when installing on the ground due to mounting frames, civil works and additional electrical cabling being required. However, without the restrictions of having to work with less than optimal roof orientations and pitch, ground mount solar systems are generally significantly higher performing as they can be perfectly aligned to the sun to give more output exactly when it's needed. Ground mounting installations are a perfect match for bifacial panels in the LG Neon 2 range. Bifacial panels turn light received on both sides of the panel into electricity and as ground mounted panels are quite exposed to light bouncing back off the ground they will generate 5-15% more power than a standard panel in this situation. So despite additional costs the higher output of ground mounted systems still makes them a very financial investment. Your local LG Authorised Dealer can advise you on ground mounted solar systems,  assess the suitability of your site and give you a proposal. LG Dealer Search

Solar Ground Mounted System

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