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Can a solar system be installed on a slate or asbestos roof?

Solar pv systems can be installed on slate roofs

A solar system can be installed on a slate roof, weak or unusual tiles, however, even the most careful installer may occasionally break tiles and the home owner should anticipate this and have spares available. Installers may insist on scissor or boom lifts to minimise roof damage and to avoid falling through. Some additional expense for the extra care and time needed should be expected.

Solar panels can sometimes be installed on car ports and pergolas as well as the main roof. An installer should be consulted as to whether this is possible and if the structure is strong enough.

With an asbestos roof, installers will almost always refuse to install on the grounds of health risks. Drilling into asbestos roofs generates dust which is a danger to both installers and the household. Consider replacing an asbestos roof with a new safer one, prior to installing a solar system; keeping in mind that there is increased interest by Governments to see remaining asbestos products removed safely from buildings. .

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