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How does shading and dirt affect the performance of my panels?

Solar PV panels should ideally be in full sun from at least 9am to 3pm, but it is more effective if they can be positioned to operate longer in the afternoon to support during the early evening peak hour spike in electricity costs. They should not be placed in shaded areas and should be kept free from dust and dirt. Usually, if dust accumulates and the panels are positioned on an angle, the next rainstorm will wash off the dust. Even a small amount of shade - from trees, roof ventilators or antennas - will have an impact on the output of a panel, as it changes the flow of electricity through the panel.

For most panels, shading or dirt on just one of the parts of a solar panel will result in a significant loss of power from that panel. LG panels enable solar collection to bypass a shade cell. So say there is a bird dropping on an individual solar cell within a panel, it will not adversely affect the rest of the panel. With panels connected together in strings down to the inverter, loss in one panel may affect the performance of other panels in the string, not just the one that is shaded.

Panels lying at an angle above 10° will self-clean when it rains, as our quality LG panels have glass which is designed to allow dirt to be washed off easily.