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Is it worth to put LG solar panels on my rental property?

Australia over the past decade has seen an explosion in apartments being built, especially in the capital cities. This means right now in late 2019, there is an oversupply of rental properties on offer - putting downward pressure on rental yields.

A solar system will add value to a rental property for tenants, as you, the landlord, will assist your tenants to have a lower electricity bill. For some tenants, this ongoing reduction in living expenses is more valuable than new paint or other features.

The expenses for electricity are a big consideration for tenants nowadays, and how energy efficient your property is - will impact on the bills your tenant face. Therefore putting solar on will allow you to make your property more attractive with future tenants in a competitive rental space, but you can also write off the cost in a depreciation schedule - a win /win situation.

The upfront cost can sometimes be a barrier, but solar has now a number of finance options available. Why not contact the largest installer network Australia wide in solar, from the biggest consumer brand and one of our installation partners can discuss your options. You can find your local partner here. . Please reach out and have your questions answered. 

Solar panels add value to your property tenants will save as well

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