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Should I buy a solar system?

The cost of installing solar has been reducing over the past five years and will continue to become cheaper. However, the cost of waiting for further reductions is the increasingly expensive electricity bill that you pay your energy retailer. Right now you are effectively 'renting' your electricity and in five years you will have nothing to show for the thousands of dollars you have parted with. Should you then decide to purchase a solar system, the system price may be cheaper but when you add your aggregated energy bills you have paid to this price you find it very expensive indeed!

If you invest in solar now you become an energy 'mortgagee'. You now own a big share of the electricity you consume and your savings start immediately to pay off your investment cost. In five years or so, your power savings have now paid off the cost of your investment. You now own your energy production outright and with a top tier LG solar system you will continue to make savings for a further 25 years at least.

Right now the power companies have secured the right to increase their rates by 25% annually over the next three years. Based on this rate your power bill is tipped to double! With the arrival of solar battery storage now is the time to start investing in solar and take control over your power bills.

Please also take note. There is still a solar government rebate available in all states and territories, and even though it is less than what used to be available in the past, on a 5 KW system for example you are likely to receive over $2,800-$2,900 in rebates.

Some solar installation companies offer financing options, which could reduce your initial outlays. This will allow you to use the electricity cost savings to help finance the repayments.

Millions of home owners across the globe and in Australia have already chosen LG solar panels. A certified LG installer will guide you from your first considerations through to planning and installation of your solar energy system.

solar systems of any size can be expanded.