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Should I buy a solar system?

The cost of solar systems is slowly falling while the price of network power is rising. In all states, even taking the worst possible case for solar, the investment in solar power is financially beneficial providing the system has a long-life and has not been purchased on high price finance. The financial economics of solar are improving year by year.

Should I wait for better/cheaper solar technology? While solar panel technology is steadily improving and slowly getting cheaper it is worth recognising that ‘rebates’ are moving in the other direction and steadily declining. The net present value of lower power bills from getting solar now is substantially bigger than the value of waiting for the next best thing in solar. 

With the arrival of solar battery storage and electric vehicles solar is a crucial component on every home and now is the best time to start investing in a quality solar system to take control over your power bills. 

Investing in solar is effectively buying future power consumption in advance at a very, very cheap rate. In five years or so power savings will have paid off the cost of the system. You will own your energy production outright and with a top tier LG solar system you will continue to make savings for at least a further 20 years. 

In addition to financial considerations solar power is an opportunity to reduce personal CO2 emissions, global warming and man-made climate change. A 6.6kw system can avoid in the order of 132 tonnes of CO2 emissions over a 25 year life.

A certified LG installer will guide you from your first considerations through to planning and installation of your solar energy system.

solar systems of any size can be expanded.