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What are the advantages of using a local solar install company over an internet based, call centre focused company?

It is recommended to use a local solar company which properly inspects your specific installation situation.

The advantages of a local installer over an internet or call centre based solar company are:

  1. The local installer is more likely to fully evaluate your install situation. They will consider things such; as whether you need a meter board upgrade, what safety gear is required for the install, how to install the scaffolding at two storey homes, etc.
  2. A local diversified company will more likely be around to service any warranty issues or system upgrades in the future. The longevity with some call focused solar companies can be an issue. For example, to date in Australia close to 1000 solar companies went bankrupt or closed their businesses.
  3. If your installer is selling LG solar panels, then LG is likely to be able to have a local company service your LG panels in the future. Should you choose a relatively unknown brand the longevity of the manufacturer or the importer could be questionable, leaving you without support when you need it. It’s recommended to buy brand solar panels from diversified manufacturers like LG, so that long term warranties actually have a meaning.
  4. Local solar companies are most familiar with local electricity supply rules and know which local electricity retailer pays the highest feed-in tariff. Therefore the local solar installer will be able to give you the most up-to date advice. Call centre based companies are usually are often unfamiliar with detailed local rules, which vary across Australia.
  5. If your local installer belongs to the authorised LG installer network, then they have to adhere to high standard install and ethical guidelines. If the authorised dealer does not follow these principles LG reserves the right to withdraw the authorisation of the installer to the LG network.

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