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What are the ongoing costs of running a solar power system?

It is advisable to organise some maintenance inspections every few years to make sure that all parts of your solar electric power system are operating correctly. With a tilt angle of 10 degrees or greater solar panels are self cleaning. If you install panels onto a flat roof without panel tilts you will need to hose down your panels every couple of months.

Make sure that when you purchase your solar system, your dealer includes a solar monitoring system to cross check your actual output against warrantied performance rates. Good monitors will input daily weather data for an accurate daily analysis. They could also enable you to monitor your daily consumption of power so you can compare solar power capacity against usage to maximise your solar power usage and minimise unused solar power going back to the grid. If there is any drop in performance organise an inspection by your solar installer.

LG solar panels are guaranteed for 12 years as manufacturer’s warranty (industry standard is 10 years) and have a 25 year output warranty with high yearly output guarantees (warranty information).

A good quality solar system will offer resistance to panel corrosion from rainwater, salt mist, ammonia, air pollution, strong wind, hail. Make sure that your installer uses galvanised screws, stainless steel t-bolts, thick, high quality wiring and circuit breakers, panel mounting frames to ensure safe and reliable energy for many years to come.

5.5kW is a solid size for residential solar power systems

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