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What are the positives of LG Solar Panel Warranty?

The LG warranty is one of the most solid warranties offered for solar panels in Australia. Your get a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty on the NeON2 module and  the NeON R module against any manufacturing fault, as well as a 25 year output warranty to ensure the solar power panels will still produce  at least 86.06% of their nominated output in 25 years time For the NeON 2 and 88.4% for the NeON R

LG’s warranty is a transferable warranty, meaning if you sell the house the new owners gain the benefits of the remaining warranty period. Some other manufacturers' warranties are not transferable.

LG covers the labour and transport in areas within 80kms to capital cities. Please read  the  LGr warranty conditions for details. – this should link to website warranty brochure download. …

Also when you buy our panels you are ensured will not generate any less watts than rated on the name plate. As the LG output tolerance is up to 3% a new 330W module will always give you an output of more than 330W*, such as 332 or 334W. This means you get what you pay for.

 *under test conditions at 25C ambient.

In the case of some cheaper panels some have a +/- 3% or even 5% output tolerance. This means a 265.3W panel can still be called a 270W panel.