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What is the consumption in kWh for a typical Australian home?

Power usage in Australian homes varies greatly depending on home size, insulation, orientation, occupancy number & patterns, type of heating/cooling/hot water & human lifestyle choices.

An average Australian family home consumes 19KWh per day, in financial terms this is around $2,500 a year. However, large homes with pools and ducted reverse cycle air conditioning (and a tendency to use it!) can easily be 50+ KWh a day ($5,500+ year).

Australian power consumption doesn't have to be this high and as a comparison UK homes average 10.3 units a day and the European average is even lower at 9.9KWh Day.

While Australian homes are bigger and gas use for heating in Europe is higher than ours, it is clear there is a huge opportunity to be more energy efficient.

There are two ways of reducing the impact of those 19 units a day average on your personal finances and the environment.

Firstly invest in a large quality solar system and simultaneously move power use into daylight hours to use the free electricity.

Secondly improve energy efficiency and reduce wasted power in the home.

Each home has its own unique characteristics and we suggest that you talk to your solar installer to see if a solar power system will benefit you. Please look for an LG solar installer.

What is the consumption in kWh for a typical Australian home? Graph resource: Energy Australia)

* (Graph resource: Energy Australia)

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