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What is the difference between a NeON R 350, 360 or 365W solar panel?

When LG solar manufactures the solar cells there are small variances in the efficiency of each cell. When then these cells are combined in the 60 Cell NeON R panels this small variance in output results in a variance in the output of the final panel. All panels being 350, 360 and 365W NeON R model are manufactured identical at the same automated production facility in Gumi, Korea. After production the panels are then flash tested and hit with a 1000W light to determine the final output.

A panel for example with a 352.4W output will be categorised as a 350W panel. A 362.4W measured output will become a 360W model and a 366.1W panel would be a 365W. We never round up in our wattage determination in one production process and always round down to make sure the customer always get the wattage or a little more than what they paid for.

So without the 350W, 360W or 365W label – all the three models will look exactly the same and have the same warranty, salt mist corrosion protection, wind loading strength etc. as they are all built on the one production line.

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