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What is the difference in the solar panels from LG being the NeON R and NeON 2 models?

Overall the difference between the NeON 2 and the NeON R are:

  1. The NeON R is the latest technology from LG and have the highest efficiency of any LG solar panels.
  2. NeON R has an one of the best temperature co-efficient, meaning on hot days the panels perform better than NeON 2 and much better than standard panels.
  3. The degradation rate of the NeON R is less than the NeON 2 over 25 years and much less than standard panels.
  4. The NeON 2 has 12 wire thin busbars and the NeON R has no busbars on the front of the panels. Both panels have an aestethically pleasing appearance.
  5. The NeON 2 is less efficient than the NeON R, but still much more efficient than standard panels. Therefore the NeON R will allow you to put the biggest possible system on your roof.