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What makes a good quality solar system

High Quality LG Panels Solar install

Read this before you buy a solar PV system

A solar power system has a number of considerations to ensure that customers are satisfied for many years and gain maximum savings via their electricity bill. 

1.  Many solar manufacturers come to Australia for a few years and then they leave. 

To avoid being let down, the solar panels should be purchased from a known and diversified manufacturer, like LG Electronics which has been operating in Australia for over 30 years. LG have been selling solar panels to generate solar energy for over 10 years. 

LG chem our sister company is now also selling battery storage products. So now you can capture solar power via the panels and store the renewable energy for use at night. 

With a long term commitment to Australia the manufacturers is still around in future years should you require a follow up service or warranty back up. 

Over the years solar manufacturers were in financial distress and over 430 have come and gone from Australia since 2011, leaving a legacy of many millions of solar panels without warranty support. 

So while many solar systems seem cheap to start off with, they can turn out to be the more expensive system. 

Because when the electricity generation stops and no one is interested in fixing the solar system or being able to get spare parts/panels, then the only solution is to pull the renewable energy system off the roof and start again with a better solution. 

2.  Only use high quality solar inverters with your system, so not only the panels, but also the solar inverter can stand the test of time. Together with the LG solar panels  the solar inverter solution undertakes the key work in your system and never stops during the day; adjusting the output with every cloud and change in weather. 

Ask your LG installer to use high quality inverter brands which work well with your LG panels. Some brands we recommend in no particular order are SMA, Fronius for string inverter solutions and micro inverter and optimiser solutions such as Solaredge or Enphase. 

For off-grid solar systems a very good product is made in Australia by Selectronics.;

3.  No matter what type of solar you are looking for, a framing system is also an important  component in a good grid connect solar system. 

There is no point buying quality panels or inverters and not fastening them with a quality framing system for your solar installation. 

The solar framing system consists of rails, clamps and roof hooks and brackets. The roof brackets for metal roofs are usually L shaped and the roof hooks for tile  roofs look more like a Z. 

Your authorised LG solar dealer can provide you with solid advice on which solar panel frame is right for you, so you can enjoy clean energy for decades.

4.  Make sure the installation company you pick are a local installer, not a sales company, using sub-contractors. 

Many sales companies in the past have come and gone, leaving the end customer exposed, when repairs and warranty claims came through. 

The LG installation partner network of over 100 Australian partners in all States is a good start to look for excellent installation companies. 

You can also get multiple quotes as in many regions and especially cities we have a multitude of LG solar panel installation partners. 

We have worked with many of them for years and they get excellent reviews. They can be found here .If there is no local installer close by then any other installer can purchase our high quality solar panels via distributors.

For more info, just call the LG solar unit directly via 1300 152 179 or look up our distributors on the LG website here:

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