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What makes a good quality solar system

A solar power system has a number of considerations to ensure that customers are satisfied for many years:

  1. The solar panels should be purchased from a known and diversified manufacturer so that the company is still around in future years should you require a follow up service or warranty back up. Some solar manufacturers are currently in financial distress. Just read up on the internet about these issues.
  2. Only use high quality inverters with your system. The inverter undertakes the key work in your system and never stops during the day; adjusting the output with every  cloud and change in weather. Ask your LG installer to use high quality inverter brands which work well with your LG panels. Please avoid low quality and often cheap inverters.
  3. A framing system is the last component in a good solar system. There is no point buying quality solar panels or inverters and not fastening them with a quality framing system. Your authorised LG solar dealer can provide you with solid advice on which frame is right for you.

Man installing quality solar panels