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What size LG panels should I buy?

The higher the capacity of the panel, the higher will be the efficiency (as long as the physical size of the solar panel is the same, of course).

In the past 320w solar power panels were considered a high wattage panel. Today technology has improved such that 350w panels are considered a good solid efficiency as more solar power can be produced in a smaller roof area. LG offers panels from 330w to 425w.

Over the next ten years it is anticipated that electric vehicles and home batteries will be mainstream and households will be seeking bigger solar systems of 10-15kw+ capacity to charge them. It is highly likely that most households’ solar future will be limited by a lack of roof space. To make the most of your roof no matter how big or small we recommend high efficiency panels of at least 350w.

Most states have attractive feed-in-tariffs for exported power and STC ‘rebates’ on panels are still significant so these two factors together suggest a simple rule of thumb is to buy as large a solar system as your network operator will allow (or budget/ roof size permits).

Bigger systems have a slightly longer payback period but a much bigger return on investment over the life of the system. But a note of caution, a large low quality solar system that fails and needs replacing after 5-10 years (with no rebate available) is a poorer investment than a smaller quality system that lasts 25+ years. LG has a ROI calculator which outlines the attractive financials of solar:

The LG NeON 2 Black, a great looking panel

LG NeON 2 Black panel

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