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What solar power system will suit my circumstances?

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Solar power is generated during daylight hours and if not used instantaneously in the home is exported to the grid. So the smallest system to consider would be one that covers daytime usage. So for example, if you use 10 units day between 7am and 5pm a solar system of 2kw-2.5kw that generates the same 10 units would be the absolute minimum. Note that power use in the house and solar generation are almost never identical so even in the example given it is likely the household will be buying maybe 2-3 units day of daytime power from the grid. Solar systems generate roughly double the units per day in summer than they do in winter. 

There are very good reasons for buying larger solar systems. They generate more power, capture more of the peaks in household demand and give bigger bill savings. STC solar 'rebates' are larger for larger systems, so for a little extra money you can own a much bigger system generating a lot more free power. This extra power in the short-term can be sold back to the grid and give you credits that can partially or fully pay for night-time power. In the future this extra power could be used to charge home batteries, an electric car or a heat pump hot water system. Quality solar panels should last 25+ years so consider the future when getting a solar system. 

Medium to large households that are occupied during the day and therefore have a strong power demand during daylight hours are ideal candidates for larger solar systems close to the maximum the network operator will allow or can be accommodated on the roof. Smaller households, those that are empty during most daylight hours and are not able to move power use into daylight hours will not have the potential to make such large financial savings and a smaller pv system might be more appropriate.

If your roof is subject to significant shading and/or has many orientations a standard single inverter, called a 'string' inverter will generate substantially less than a system with optimisers or micro inverters. Raise this with your LG Authorised Dealer.

Our solar calculators  give an insight into sizing solar systems. 

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