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What will create a boom in solar power systems in years to come?

Electric car - future of solar power

It is predicted that the electric car will take over from fossil fuel burning vehicles over the next decade. The running and power ‘fuel’ costs of electric vehicles are exceptionally low and as the price of fossil fuels increases these financial advantages will further increase. The demand for cheap power to charge electrical vehicles is expected to be high resulting in strong demand for solar panel systems.

It is conceivable that many solar power systems will not be connected to the power grid, but will simply charge batteries and/or the EV directly, while it is parked in the garage. It highly likely the electric car/bus/train/tram will be the preferred mode of transport in the very near future and solar power adoption will grow in lock-step on homes and businesses.

Increasing power prices from fossil fuel generation, the falling price of lithium batteries and the broader national roll-out of battery subsidies will accelerate the adoption of home storage lithium batteries. Charging these batteries will drive up the demand for solar panels as householders and businesses buy progressively larger systems and expand existing systems to increase solar generation.

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