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When is solar NOT suitable for my home?

Many of the homes in Australia are suitable for solar energy.  The same applies to small or large business that use solar for running machinery, fridges, cookers or lighting.

There are a few instances though when the solar power system is not suitable for you.

Some examples include:

Fragile roof tiles can make solar power system installs more difficult

1. The orientation of your most suitable roof is South / South West or South East, as southern roofs draw much less power making power generation very expensive. In general the best orientation will depend on your daily consumption pattern. Your installer (LG Dealer Search) can advise about this

2. The roof with the correct orientation does not have any space, because of chimneys, hot water solar panels, pool solar heat tubing, or skylights

3. There are trees shading your roof during most of the day or the shadow of the building next door throws shade on your roof for significant times of the day. In some instances micro-inverters can assist in these situations. Please ask your authorized LG solar installer (LG Dealer Search) for advice

d4. The roof of your home is made from asbestos. Please replace your roof before installing solar power

5. Your roof tiles are slate, very old and break easy when stood on, or you have a very rusted metal roof - which should be fixed first before installing a solar system

These are all valid reasons why you might not be able to install a solar system on your roof.