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When is solar NOT suitable for my home?

Most homes and businesses in Australia are suitable for solar energy; There are, however, a few instances when a solar power system is not worthwhile.

Shading over home not suitable

Some examples include:

1. Very small daytime power users who only have south facing roof. Generally even exporting almost all solar power back to the grid and collecting the feed-in-tariff will save a household some money over 5-10 years. However, combining this with south facing panels lowers generation in the order of 30-50%. The investment cost of the solar is unlikely to be recovered in this situation.

2. Complicated roofs with limited space due to chimneys, solar hot water systems, pool solar heat tubing, skylights or stench pipes may not physically have the space for solar panels.

3. Where shading from trees & other buildings is substantial, micro-inverters or optimisers will be a huge help, but in some situations, even with this technology, solar systems may not be economic. Your authorised LG solar installer can advise you on this.

4. The roof of your home is made from asbestos. In this case it is essential to replace the roof before installing solar power.

5. Where roof tiles are very old, crumbling, weak or slate and break easy when stood on. Or the metal roof is very rusted. In this situations fixing the roof will be needed before installing a solar system.

6. If the system has to be installed at a distance from the home (like farm sheds or ground mounts) and the additional cost of cabling and installation outweighs the return on investment.

7. Where you have no feed-in-tariff for exported power (often applies to businesses) and power use is very low during daylight hours, the investment in solar may be financially less attractive than implementing energy efficiency and saving measures. However, a battery with solar to use the free energy at night might be a financial option in a few years time.

Each home has its own unique characteristics and we suggest that you talk to your solar installer to see if a solar power system will benefit you. Please look for an LG solar installer.

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