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Who should I choose to install my solar system?

When choosing a solar system for your home, there are some basic questions that you should ask the supplier before buying:

  1. What solar panels, inverters and mounting systems are being offered? LG for example is a top of the line panel, Fronius, SMA, Enphase and SolarEdge are excellent solar inverter and micro inverter/ optimised solutions.  

  2. Is the manufacturer a globally recognised brand that stands by its products with an industry best guarantee?

  3. Have the solar component supply companies got “skin in the game”, meaning they have many staff and large, diversified operation in place in Australia? Manufacturers of smaller representations, who have little local business r involvement, can naturally leave Australia very quickly - putting pressure on the reliability of the warranty.

  4. Is the company / installer a reputable professional and certified to do this job?  Purchasing a quality solar system is easy; simply contact our LG authorised dealer network via the dealer locator on this website to find LG vetted, qualified and reliable installers across Australia. 

If you contact an LG authorised dealer they'll make an appointment for a free site inspection, appraisal and quote. 

LG offers an industry leading product replacement warranty length of 25 years and a guarantee of performance of 25 years. As added security, should your LG dealer retire over this time LG will replace them with another authorised dealer to continue to service your LG system in your region. 

Professional and certified installer to do the job:-

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