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Why should I buy LG Solar Panels?

The new Gen4 Mono X 2 panel

When you are buying a solar module from LG you are dealing with a solar product built to last for decades. LG Electronics Australia has the capacity to provide a reliable backup and makes their locally awarded warranties count for a long time.

There are industry estimates that over half of current solar manufacturers will not be in the solar space in five years time. Since 2013 over 110 solar panel manufacturers left the industry. Search the internet for “solar & financial trouble” to see the state of an industry facing overcapacity and financial problems. LG on the other hand has a diversified income stream and a long term commitment to the solar industry.

LG‘s vision is for LED lighting, solar and battery storage for electric cars to be growth engines for LG. We have earmarked $5 billion as investment funds in this space over the next 3 years. Solar today is just like TV manufacturing 20 years ago, when there were 25 manufacturers. Today there are only a few significant TV manufacturers and LG is one of them. With more than $700 Million in annual sales in Australia, LG Electronics is a manufacturer strongly committed to the local market.