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Why should I insure the system, it has a very long warranty?

The attitudes and polices of insurers towards solar needs to be considered on a company by company basis as policies do vary. However, as a general rule the majority of insurers see solar systems as just another fixture to your home and are usually perfectly happy to cover them, often at no or little additional cost to existing household policies.

Solar power systems are usually insured by your insurance companies

In the event of a claim for damage to your solar system, your insurer might request evidence that the solar equipment is made by a reputable manufacturer and installed according to all relevant standards by certified and licensed contractors. They might want to assure themselves that the use and installation of the solar system has not caused the problems.

Make sure you confirm in writing that your solar system is covered on your policy and what, if any, specific requirements your insurer has. Always make sure the products and services you select are capable of withstanding scrutiny, in case of future problems.

Have your installer certify in writing that the solar power system was installed by a qualified installer, following all the relevant Australian Standards.