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Why should I use a LG solar dealer network installer?

LG Solar authorised installer along with end customer

The solar industry has gone through a boom-bust cycle over the past years. Being a part of a network makes our LG Network installers price competitive and provides a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Our installation partners for example will regularly updated on the changing government rules and regulations and the latest LG product information.

LG Electronics has one of the most extensive consumer product sales networks worldwide and in Australia.

LG dealers and installers are trained in the LG Academies across Australia to ensure that they are knowledgeable about all technical aspects and industry standards applicable in the solar industry. When you buy a solar system from a LG dealer you are assured that your solar installer will provide the highest standard of quality and customer service when it comes to installation of your home solar panels.

The extensive dealer network also assures you that wherever the system is installed – there is a dealer near you to support you. You can rely on your LG dealer to handle all aspects of your residential solar panel installation, including design, installation, rebate information and system maintenance.