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Why should I use an LG Authorized Solar network installer?

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LG selects high quality solar companies to be LG Authorised Installers. A quality solar panel needs a quality installation to optimise it's performance and long-life which maximises financial savings for households. The solar industry includes quality solar installers but sadly also sharks, cowboys and ethically challenged operators. A large number of solar companies have closed over the last 10 years, many have intentionally 'phoenixed' (closed and re-opened under a different name) to avoid honouring installation warranties when low quality equipment and installations fail.  

LG has chosen installers who have a track record of:

  • Quality installations
  • Commitment to ongoing long-term service & support
  • Using quality inverters, balance of system components and panels and staying away from installing bottom-of-the-barrel solar equipment.  

LG Authorised Installers undergo regular specialist installation and product training. They have a direct line to LG for technical enquiries, warranty and commercial support. 

Negotiating the solar minefield is challenging but in choosing a LG Authorised Installer this work has been done for you and you can be assured of dealing with solar professionals focussed on delivering a quality, high performing and long-lasting pv system.

The extensive dealer network also assures you that wherever the system is installed there is a dealer nearby to support you. You can rely on your LG dealer to handle all aspects of your residential solar panel installation, including design, installation, rebate information and system maintenance. To find a LG Authorized Partner look 

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