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How bad is shading for my roof to achieve a good solar system outcome?

overshadowing of solar panels due to poor install position selection

The amount of electricity being generated is directly related to the amount of sunlight shining on to your home solar system. The more your solar modules are covered in shade, the less electricity your system will generate.

Even a single antenna or a chimney shadow on your panels can affect performance and electricity output. Depending where you reside in some areas of Australia such as the Blue Mountains near Sydney over 10% of homes are less suitable for solar due to tree coverage close to the home.

The new technology of micro-inverters on each panel instead of one large string inverter can help with shadow issues as the losses associated with shade can be reduced by as much as 25% with each individual panel being managed to achieve maximum electricity output. Talk to your LG dealer if your shadow issue is a serious one and check if power optimisers or micro-inverters are a potential solution for you.