LG Warranty

LG provides a very solid and long term warranty for its solar panels.

When you buy a LG solar panel, you know that you have bought a peace of mind from an established and recognised manufacturer of electronic products.

LG Solar panel

LG provides a 10 Year (parts and labour) Product Warranty for Module(s) from date of purchase and offer a free of charge repair or replacement. It also provides a 25 Years Limited Warranty for Power Output. Please refer to the warranty section of this site for further information. LG Australia and New Zealand also operate a customer call centre for 7 days a week, in case your solar panels have any issue. Call the customer service centre and they will take down your information and the LG solar unit or our authorized solar dealer will contact you soon after to assist with any LG solar panel related issue.

Please compare our warranty with many other solar panels and you will find that some of these warranties does not cover the shipment, labour for uninstall of defective panels and final panel installation labour cost. If they do, we suggest to get it in writing.

The LG warranty is one of the most solid warranties offered for solar panels in Australia. Your get a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on the module against any manufacturing fault as well as a 25 year output warranty to ensure the solar power panels will still produce at least 80.2% of their nominated output in 25 years time.

LG’s warranty is a transferable warranty, meaning if you sell the house the new owners gain the benefits of the remaining warranty period. Some other manufacturers' warranties are not transferable.

LG covers the labour and transport in areas close to population centres. Please read our warranty conditions for details.

Also when you buy the panels our panels will not have any less watts than the name plate. As the LG output tolerance is up to 3% a new 260W module will always give you an output of more than 260W*, such as 262 or 264W. This means you get what you pay for. *under test conditions at 25C ambient.

In the case of some cheaper panels some have a +/- 3% or even 5% output tolerance. This means a 245.3W panel can still be called a 250W panel.

Solar panels generally come with an output or performance warranty (in LG's case it is 25 years) and a manufacturing guarantee (in LG's case 10 years).

It is important to know who is providing the warranty – the manufacturer or the importer. In brands like LG the manufacturer and importer is LG Electronics, so if anything goes wrong LG Electronics will be the party responsible. However In the absence of a manufacturer having representation in Australia, the importer is responsible for the warranty.

If the importer changes their business name or sells their business or ceases to be in business, their manufacturer's warranty obligations towards you stops. Because the warranties are for very long time and the solar industry is very volatile it might be better to choose a solar panel from a manufacturer that is diversified (meaning makes a range of products and therefore has multiple income streams) rather than a single solar manufacturer who you have never heard off. Ask the company who is supplying the system to give you in writing as to who is providing the warranty. Also ask them to back the warranty themselves should the manufacturer go out of business.

A system manual that provides operation, maintenance and safety information should be provided by your installer upon completion. This must also include the warranty conditions and a system energy output (kWh) estimate specific for your system in its installed location.

It is important to ensure you obtain written confirmation of statements made by your installer, including performance claims, guarantees, country of manufacture of panels and warranties. For example sometimes panels made in China are sold with European names to give the impression they are made in Germany or other countries know for quality manufacturing. Insist on written information at the time of the quote and also as part of the hand over documents. Documentation will be essential if you need to make consumer, warranty or insurance claims.

The warranties provided in the LG’s manufacturer’s warranty are transferable. Some other solar companies only give the warranty to the original purchaser of the solar system. If you sell your home, the new owner does not enjoy the solar system warranty cover.

On the other hand when an owner sells the home with LG modules installed, the new owners of the property will continue to enjoy the LG warranty benefits.

LG panel warranties are transferable as long as they are not moved from initial place of installation

The linear warranty allows the purchaser of LG solar modules to calculate the amount of electricity being generated by their system for each of the next 25 years with a degree of certainty. It also means LG believes our modules will still generate solid electricity output in 25 years.

The attitudes and polices of insurers towards solar needs to be considered on a company by company basis as policies do vary. However, as a general rule the majorities of insurers see solar systems as just another fixture or fitting to your home and are usually perfectly happy to cover them, often at no or little additional cost to existing household policies.

Solar power systems are usually insured by your insurance companies

In the event of a claim for damage to your solar system, your insurer might request evidence that the solar equipment is made by a reputable manufacturer and installed according to all relevant standards by certified and licensed contractors. They might want to assure themselves that the use and installation of the solar system has not caused the problems.

Make sure you confirm in writing that your solar system is covered on your policy and what if any specific requirements your insurer has, and always make sure the products and services you select are capable of withstanding scrutiny in case of future problems.

Have your installer certify in writing that the solar power system was installed by a qualified installer, following all the relevant Australian Standards.

For residential and commercial solar systems most solar panel manufacturers specify that aspects of the Warranty is void if the module(s) are moved from their original install location. LG also insists that the solar panels remain on their original installation location in order to receive the full warranty coverage. 

Please also note that the Federal Government STC rebate relies on the solar power system to remain on the original install location for many years. Therefore is is very unlikely for solar systems to be uninstalled and to be moved. If you sell your house and want solar at the new property, it is better from a rebate and warranty point of view to leave the solar system at their original installation location and then purchase a new system for the new home.

The Warranty is void if the module(s) are modified in any way, such as cutting off plugs, drilling holes into frames or even removing parts of the frame, as LG will not know what modifications exactly have been made and how it could affect the panel over time. Therefore in order to have the LG peace of mind solar warranty, please have the solar panels installed with a proper mounting system without modification.

LG’s module support policy includes a linear performance warranty, which guarantees a power output of 80.2% after 25 years.

LG’s 10 year product warranty provides peace of mind, because LG will authorize a module repair or replacement for any major failure caused by a manufacturing or materials defect.

10 year warranty on LG solar product LG solar panel has 10 year product warranty

LG offers a very large and comprehensive warranty on its solar panels. There is a 10 Year Product Warranty for Module(s) from date of purchase with a free of charge repair or replacement (at LG’s discretion) of the module and a 25 Years Limited Warranty for Power Output. LG guarantees that for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase the actual power output of the module will be no less than 97% of the labeled power output.

LG solar provides long warranties for its LG solar panels. All details present in the warranty brochure

From the second year, the actual power output will decline annually by no more than 0.7% for a period of remaining 24 years, so that by the end of the 25th year, an actual output of at least 80.2% of the nameplate power out specified on the module will be achieved. The main difference is the stepped warranty over 25 years and not a drastic reduction if performance as seen in some panel warranties.

LG also has a Customer Care Centre open in Eastern Creek, Australia and Christchurch New Zealand which is open seven days to take calls and any warranty claims. These claims will then be passed onto LG’s solar unit to be processed with the help of our dealer network.

These warranties and attached service level offer a clear peace of mind scenario for the end customer.