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Why should I invest in a solar power system?

Many costs are involved when running a household/ business. Most of the costs are essential and some of them can be reduced for lower cost of living expenditures. Electricity is a essential requirement in our households.

With the ongoing price rises of electricity it is becoming extremely costly to run households and businesses. One of the alternate ways to reduce electricity cost is to opt for Solar Electric Power.

Solar is a free energy from the Sun transferred into electricity. Solar electric power also helps to reduce green house gases. Solar is also cost effective as it is a one-time investment for a very long period, as quality solar panels can last for 25 years and longer.

So buying a good high quality panel and inverter will not only create a reliable PV system, but will also save money for years to come.

You can speak to your installer about your lifestyle and which time during the day or night you require more power to have the best use of the solar power system installed on your roof. You will also have an option to export the excess generated electricity back to the grid. You will get paid for the excess electricity you send back to the grid.

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