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After my solar system has been installed - do I need a new electricity meter?

You will need a new electricity meter which can facilitate the solar power entering the electricity grid. These meters are called bi-directional meter (import & export electricity).

A new meter for entering the solar power to the electricity grid

New Net Meter

Very important: Please note that if your home has three phase power you will need a special poly bi-directional meter. Otherwise the solar will only be available to one of the phases of your home and you miss out on using most of the solar electricity in your home. If you have a three phase power home and the wrong meter has been installed then the benefits of your solar power system will only go to one phase of you home and you will export the surplus electricity instead of using it in your home. You installer/electrician would need to come back and fix such a mistake for free, should you discover that this has happened after the installation. Your LG solar dealer will be able to give you more information on what meter you require.

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