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Are micro inverters better than string inverters for my solar system?

Micro inverter better than string inverter when there is shading

Micro inverters and string inverters both have their strengths and weaknesses. Micro inverters will be a better option in situations where the panels will be affected by shading or when panels need to be facing different directions on the roof.

String inverters, as a cheaper solution, will in most cases be the best option when there are no shading issues and several panels can be installed facing the same direction on the same roof surface

Strings of panels traditionally could be compromised in a shady environment as one panel shaded would reduce the output of all panels connected on the same string. High quality panels have bypass diode so an individual cell that is affected by a leaf, or bird dropping will not affect the overall performance of the panel or the other panels on the same string. An LG panel is also isolated into three sections so that shading on one section will not reduce the remaining sections of the panel. LG panels also produce more solar power per cell - up to 320W compared to 260W. With a higher amperage they can be configured in small strings, reducing the impact of partial shading.

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