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Are there any Australian Standards on solar panels?

LG Mono-X wafer in Production at LG factory in Gumi, South Korea

LG Mono X2 wafer in production at LG factory, Gumi, Korea

All solar products, whether panels or inverters, have to comply with Australian Standards to be eligible to for the Clean Energy Council’s list of approved products. If a product is not on this list and/or is installed by someone who is not registered/certified with the Clean Energy Council, the system will not be allowed to be connected to the grid and will not be eligible for any rebates. Being on the CEC list however is not always a guarantee for being a top quality product.

Cheap solar panels and quality solar panels differ in:

  1. Testing
  2. Input materials
  3. Warranty condition
  4. Output and Efficiency
  5. Corrosion protection on frame
  6. Quality of Plugs and junction boxes
  7. The quality of wafer and solder
  8. UV resistance of the backing sheet
  9. Chemical stability of seals and sealants
  10. Weight