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How can I monitor the electric solar power system inside my home?

Quality LG panels will work well with quality inverters

Solar system monitoring is good to know what savings the solar system is generating for you in terms of electricity saved. There are a number of ways you can monitor this:

  1. Taking reading from the inverter daily: Every inverter (or most of them, please check your inverter manual) have an LCD display which will provide you information on.
  2. How much the system has generated since it was installed
  3. How much it has produced that day
  4. What it is producing at that moment of time etc.
  5. You can note it down daily to see the performance or check it once a month to get an average readout
  6. Monitoring options are available for solar panels installed on your house

  7. Connecting to a laptop/ computer: A number of major brands have the option of connecting your laptop or computer system to the inverter. Their proprietary software downloads the information and provides you with detailed information on the health and performance of the system.
  8. Connecting Via Bluetooth: Some system have software available for the new smart phones and data can be downloaded via Bluetooth to monitor the system
  9. Bluetooth / Wireless Table Top Monitors: A few companies offer these products. Key data is visible on its large graphic display, including a daily profile, current output, as well as daily and total energy yield.

Ask your installer about the options available for your particular inverter.

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