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How is a solar system installed on a tile roof?

Solar systems can be installed on many roof types

Solar panels can be installed on many roof types and the most common type in Australia are tiled roofs. The tiles are removed and stainless steel brackets are screwed to the rafters and the tiles then re-installed in the former position. The railing systems are mounted on the steel brackets leaving a clear space between the roof and the panel. This allows for air circulation to get between solar panels and tiles and for the air circulation to cool the solar panels in the hot summer months.

The solar panel mounting system uses the rails and brackets to tie the solar power system to the roof frame. The weight of the frame and the panels are spread across the covered area. LG panels are strong, but relatively light weight. Overall panels, brackets and frame weigh approximately 22kg per square meter of roof space. In non cyclone areas Australian roof standards allow for this level of weight to be added to roofs without the need for additional bracing.

There are a number of mounting systems types and brands on the market. Please ask the LG Energy Partner  for the correct system suitable for your roof type.

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