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How is the solar energy your solar system generates, measured?

Solar energy generated by your solar system is measured by the meters and excess electricity generated is exported to the electricity grid from the meter

Your electricity meter in the switchboard collects a range of data on how much electricity you consume and how much you generate via the solar system. Strict rules are in place to guide metering practices within the electricity marketplace including measurement requirements. These are set out in the National Electricity Rules.

The data measured by your electricity meter is provided to:

  1. your electricity retailer; and
  2. the market operator (the Australian Energy Market Operator).

The actual generation and consumption data sent to the electricity retailer is used to calculate you solar bonus payments (feed-in tariff) and your consumption after your solar system supplied your home.

Metering arrangements can vary across different states and energy supply companies. However, the meter measures your electricity consumption and generation continuously, and it is measured in kilowatts per hour (kW/h). This data is then captured, usually for three monthly readings, so that the information can be used for billing purposes.

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