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I understand there is a 'gross' meter or a 'net' meter to measure solar power generation. Which one is the right one for my switch board?

The time of high, government sponsored feed in tariffs has ended, in most cases a net solar meter will best suit your property. Gross meters measure all the electricity generated by your system and all the electricity is exported to the grid. At the time of high feed in tariffs (2009 to 2012), Gross meters were the preferred metering option.

In a net metering situation the solar power system generates electricity and this “solar electricity” then supplies your home/businesses’ electricity needs. What you do not use is exported to the power grid. Make sure your individual electricity retailer gives you a credit for the exported electricity. If they do not, you can explore the options from other electricity retailers for the best offer and option suitable for you. Your local solar installer might be able to recommend the electricity retailer offering the highest feed in tariff.

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