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If I get solar is it recommended that I stay connected to the electricity grid?

Solar systems can be operated with batteries and it is conceivable that you disconnect from the grid. These systems are called off grid solar systems. Nevertheless, such systems require a substantial battery bank which adds significantly to the cost of the solar power system. In most cases an off grid system only makes sense in remote areas.

Lithium storage batteries have been offered to the market since mid 2015. Pricing has already dropped and will continue to reduce. It is anticipated that in the future small storage system for homes will come to the market at even more reasonable prices and this will allow you to use your stored solar power during sunless periods during the day and at night.

You will need certain preconditions to disconnect from the grid in an urban environment
- A large roof space facing N, NW, NE and potentially also East and West.
- High productivity panels that enable you to generate more solar power per square meter. For example, the LG NeON 2 panel is rated 315W in contrast to most other panels that are rated 260W-265W.
- Large capacity, affordably priced solar batteries for daily storage to consume at night. This is a new, burgeoning market that is offering batteries with greater storage capacity at cheaper prices.
- Affordable long term storage. The greatest storage capacity at the moment is between 15-20kW. To disconnect from the grid, a household would need to store at least a weeks supply of power to allow for rainy days.That would require 100-200kW of storage capacity. Also there are less sunlight hours in winter so affordable long term solutions to store excess summer power needs to be developed with 1000-2000kW capacity.

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