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What angle is optimum for solar panels i.e. can they be put flat on a roof?

As Australia is in the Southern hemisphere, the solar panels produce most power when they are pointed directly at the sun i.e. North. The orientation of the panels and the angle they are tilted will have a greater effect on annual energy production.

Most Australian homes have a roof pitch of 20° to 30° which is considered optimum for maximizing solar power generation. However, the panels can be installed anywhere between 10 to 35 deg with negligible efficiency loss. A minimum tilt of 10° is recommended to ensure self-cleaning by rainfall.

Whilst flat installation on roofs is possible, please consider that dust and debris are less likely to be washed off, if the panel is not tilted at least 10 degrees. More frequent panel cleaning by hand might have to be considered in such installation situations.

If your roof’s slope is not ideal, contact your nearest LG solar installer who will advise you on the correct orientation and elevation of your panel. Maybe a tilt frame is an option that could be considered.

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