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What are solar panels mounting systems?

Your solar system is installed on your roof using various railings, frames and tile or tin feet. The majority of systems are made of aluminium with stainless steel hardware and are designed to accept a variety of solar modules on a variety of roof types.

Better mounting systems will include higher grades of aluminium and stainless steel, which can often result in less weight on the roof and a lower level of corrosion over a long time-frame. Quality mounting rails also feature effective design which speeds up installation time and very robust anchoring points. Most systems consist of aluminium rails with clamps to attach the solar panels to the rack and connection brackets to connect the rail to the roof.

Having spent a considerable amount of money buying a quality solar array, a strong and well-engineered mounting system is a sensible part of the system. Make sure the mounting frame warranties match or exceed the warranties of your solar panels and the inverter.

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