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What does it actually mean if my panel is Clean Energy Council registered?

Solar panels sold and installed in Australia must be certified and approved to AS/NZS 5033, photovoltaic installations. This standard is called up by AS3000 which is legislated in each state. This ensures that the modules are compliant with IEC/EN 61730 AND either IEC/EN 61215 or IEC/EN 61646. Put simply it means the solar panels are manufactured to an acceptable safety standard.

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) registers and maintains a database and website listing of compliant modules. To qualify for the government rebate you should only buy the CEC certified and approved solar panel products. You can find a list which shows the license holder, model number and power rating of each approved solar module on the clean Energy Council website.

The certification provides you with a peace of mind that the minimum acceptable standard for products to be sold in Australia has been achieved.