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What is the difference between micro-inverter, string inverter and central inverters?

micro-inverter converts power at the  solar panel from DC electricity to 240V AC electricity and is attached to each panel in a solar system. Micro-inverters best suit shaded roofs as shade affecting one panel will not affect any other unshaded panels. They are also useful on roofs that are too small to enable a string of panels to be installed. Micro-inverters are a little more expensive to install as instead of one central inverter, each panel has its own inverter. With more inverters there are potentially more chances of a failure..  Micro inverters have now been used for a number of years and offer s solid solution as an alternative to string inverters. 

string inverter is connected to a series or “string” of solar panels and converts the power from Direct Current (DC) in to Alternate Current (AC) electricity, for the solar system as a whole. A string inverter will usually be located a short distance away from the array in a sheltered location between the solar array and the switchboard. This is the most common type of inverter used in residential and small / medium commercial systems in Australia. 

central inverter is a high capacity inverter designed for use with large commercial or utility (power station) sized solar systems. It is like large string inverter designed to handle more power and offer efficiencies / economies of scale. Central inverters are not used for residential solar systems 

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