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What should I consider before buying solar panels?

Buyers should insist that the installation company undertakes a physical site inspection. There are many variables that need to be considered and most of these are hard to spot from a satellite view of your house or a few photos. An installer's willingness to visit you gives some indication that there is a service to support your purchase. We strongly advise you to buy your solar system from a local company, not an internet based solar sales agent.

If the company cannot find the time to see you when they want to sell you, what chance have you got for them to come when the system stops working?

In the past, when solar sales over the internet were skyrocketing, consumers purchased a solar power system without site inspection only to have their installer say they need special roof brackets or a total switchboard upgrade before the solar can be installed, adding unexpected costs for the consumer.

Our LG Authorised Dealers will come for a site inspection to check the roof position, discuss your electricity usage pattern, discuss monitor options and possibly conduct a shade analysis, to ensure you are putting your panels in the prime position.

Before making your decision, check who you should contact if you have questions after your installation or something isn't working properly. Also make sure you to ask for a written warranty from the installation company for the cabling and installation work itself, not just the panels, inverter and mounting frame.

Ask your installer if there is an in-house qualified electrician who can come in the future should you have a problem. May be you can request for their contact details. The cheaper installation companies rely on subcontractors, which can make it difficult to provide consistent installation quality and good post-installation service.

Check the company's background and what solar-related experience the staff and management have. Do they have CEC-accredited designers and installers who can check your design? Ask for references from other customers.

Solar is an industry where size does matter. We usually recommend a system size that can cover approximately 50% of your electricity needs. Contact your LG Authorised solar dealer to work out what home solar power system size will best match your usage.

Ultimately you get what you pay for. Not all panels and inverters are equal and the quality of installation components and installers can vary substantially.

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