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Can you suggest a checklist before I buy a solar power system?

  1. You conduct your own research into the benefits of having a solar PV system installed. In particular, you should ensure that you understand what will happen to your meter, your electricity tariff and your electricity bill before you agree to have a PV system installed. An LG authorised solar panel installer can assist you in these calculations.
  2. Contact quality solar installers to arrange for a quote. Use our dealer locator on this website to see who installs solar in your area. Please note that often you get what you pay for. With long warranties available for solar components, the warranties are only worth anything if the manufacturer and installation company will stand the test of time and will be there in a decade or so to back you up. Stay away from unknown brands, as the solar industry is undergoing massive restructuring and consolidation amongst less financially stable solar players.
  3. Read parts of these FAQs and develop some key questions when you meet the solar installation company.
  4. Ensure the solar company you consider uses CEC accredited installers to meet latest industry requirements. Ask for the installer’s name and accreditation/licence numbers.
  5. Ask how the solar rebate will work for you and how it will be applied - eg as an upfront deduction from the price of the solar power system?
  6. Ask who will complete the connection and approval process for your electricity retailer and electricity distributor. This process varies between states and territories. Ideally you want the solar installation company take care of this and have all associated meter connection fees included in your final price.
  7. Get a clear date or at least a week nominated when the CEC accredited installer starts and completes the installation of your solar PV system.
  8. Make sure the solar installation company contacts your electricity retailer or electricity distributor to arrange for your new meter to be installed.
  9. Discuss solar system monitoring options.
  10. Immediately after the meter installation your solar PV system is now ready to produce solar electricity for your premises.
  11. Depending on which state you live in, your local electrical authority may conduct a safety inspection of your solar PV system soon after installation.

See also our comprehensive solar system checklist guide.


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