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How do I earn money through the feed-in tariff (FIT) and how does it work?

Solar electricity going back to the grid can attract feed-in tariff

Solar electricity going back to the grid can attract a feed-in tariff.

The payment you receive from your electricity retailer for your excess electricity generated by your solar power system is called a feed-in tariff. The electricity retailer will pay you for the excess solar electricity which you produce and feed back to the grid, usually by way of a credit on your electricity bill. This can help you to recover the cost of the system faster. Electricity retailers offer different rates of feed in tariffs. The mayor energy retailers have reduced their feed-in rates down to 5c/kWh. However, there are smaller retailers that will offer 8c/kW, even 10c/kW could be possible. We suggest you ask your solar installer which company pays the highest feed-in tariff in your local area. Be prepared to switch electricity retailer to get the best feed-in tariff.

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