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In the future, can I add more LG solar panels to my renewable energy system?

Many LG systems are used for lager installs

Yes, you can add more panels to your original system, as long as the new panels are a close match in output to the original panels and as long as your inverter still has capacity to accommodate more panels.

You can also add a new, larger multi-string inverter to an older system, without breaking the bank as inverters over the past 5 years have dropped over 60% in price. You can then add more panels up to the capacity of the new inverter. As solar panel prices have reduced by over 500% since 2008 most people nowadays buy the best suited solar power system for their needs outright.

If you think of increasing the size of your existing system please contact your local LG solar dealer, so he/she can advise you of the most cost effective way to increase your system size.

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