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My best solar suitable roof is not north facing? So what are my options?

A grid connect solar system will generate in Australia the most solar electricity when the LG solar panels are facing north at a tilt angle of 15 to 30 degrees. Nevertheless because time of day metering is coming more and more into Australia – North/Western or fully Western facing roofs can give you a more positive financial outcome.

Time of day metering is when energy retailers charge more for the price of electricity in peak periods – let’s say from 2pm to 8pm during the week. Your Westerly facing panels will produce great solar electricity around the time that peak demand is biting your hip pocket with charges of around 45 cents per kW/h or even more.

So consider a North/West or fully Western facing roof for your system, especially if you use air-conditioning after 2pm.

In summary, solar modules can be facing anywhere from East, through North to West, and still provide good output performance. Think about the consumption you will have during the day and this can help you locate the solar panels in the best possible way. If you use lots of electricity in the morning, go for an Easterly roof. If you use lots of electricity during the day, go for North roof and if you use lots of electricity in the early and late afternoon – settle for North, West roof. With multi-string inverters you can also put one group of solar panels (one string) on the East and one onto the West – to cover a wider time span.

If you don't have any suitable roof, LG solar panels can be fitted to a ground mount system, maybe even with a tracker on a sunny spot on your land. Please allow for additional cost in regards to ground mounting systems for cable runs etc. Discuss the options with your local LG solar dealer.

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